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CH. Oakhurst Amani Shakhete
(Oakhurst Raintree's Hoover x CH. Oakhurst Ophelia's Ruby)

Augie-5 point major under Judge Annie Clark

Augie by far was one of my favorite ridgebacks and one of the hardest to loose. She had an impeccable temperament and I could trust her with anything, except food (especially bread and pizza!). She was named after a Nubian princess, Amani Shakhete, who stole the head of a marble statue of Augustus Caesar from a temple in Ancient Egypt. Augie was short for Augustus. Augie was truly a princess and that is what I later called her, only calling her Augie when she ignored me. Augie had several memorable show wins. When I couldn't show her due to a change in jobs I hired Mary Dukes to finish her. One of the most exciting wins was a 5 point major under one of the most widely respected judges in the world, the late Annie Rogers Clark. When Augie was 8 1/2 I decided to enter her as a Veteran at the OCRRC Regional Specialty and Western Hound shows. She was expertly handled by John Mayhall and won Veteran Bitch both days. It brought tears to my eyes! Augie was my foundation bitch having 2 litters sired by CH. Oakhurst Kukosa Dreyfus. I couldn't have started off with a better dog. I still can't believe she is gone. She lives on in her offspring, especially in her bread and pizza loving get and grand get. She is deeply missed.

Augie-Veteran Bitch OCRRC & Hound Show 2001

augie family

Augie at 6 months at OCRRC Specialty 1992 with her family. From left to right- MBIS CH. Kwetu Oakhurst Bronco,ROM, CH. Oakhurst Magnum PI, ROM, CH. Oakhurst Lucy AKA LaSoot, ROM, CH. Oakhurst Ophelias Ruby, CH. Oakhurst Amani Shakhete.

Augie and my niece Laynie on Halloween

Puppy Augie and baby Laynie

Augie at 3 1/2 months