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(CH. Wgasa Oakhurst Willow)


I was first introduced to Ridgebacks when I was in grade school. A friend of my Moms had 3 dogs and one of them was a Ridgeback named Simba. She was, by far, my favorite of the three dogs. When I was old enough to get my own dog I bought my 1st Ridgeback in 1988. His name was Paden and hence my love affair with Ridgebacks began.

Paden unexpectedly died when he wasn't quite 2 years old. I was devastated and swore that I would not get another dog. With the help of my Aunt, I decided to get another Ridgeback. She found a breeder in Orange County, Ca by the name of Barbara Rupert (Oakhurst). She said she didn't have any puppies at the time but there was a litter of puppies out of one of her stud dogs, Dakota (CH Raintree's Dakota Outlaw, ROM) and we should contact the breeders. I ended up getting a puppy from that litter and I named him Semi (CH. Ridgewood's Dakota Semi Sweet). He was show potential and the breeders wanted me to show him. I agreed to show him but I didn't know what I was getting myself into. Here almost 20 years later I am still showing Ridgebacks!

I didn't start breeding Ridgebacks until I had my 4th Ridgeback, Augie, CH. Oakhurst Amani Shakhete. With her 2nd litter in 1997, I started using the kennel name Abayomi ( Aba-yo-me). It was very difficult for me to come up with a kennel name. I searched and searched and finally found Abayomi in a book. It is an Egyptian word meaning "born to bring joy". My dogs have brought so much joy to my life that I thought it was a perfect fit.

All my dogs must pass health screenings before they are bred. I currently only breed dogs that pass OFA hips (Excellent or Good), OFA elbows clear, OFA Cardiac and Thyroid-normal, CERF-clear and DM clear or carrier. I am a member of several Ridgeback clubs - RRCUS, OCRRC and I am a founding member of ARRF.


Augie at 10 years old